About us


JK Pharmatech is global chemical provider for Research and Development companies and academia. Our products are widely utilized in the process of small molecule drug discovery, chemical biology, lead generation, screening library preparation and agrochemical discovery programs. Our core business is providing Chemical Building Blocks which includes functionalized heterocycles, boronic acids, carbonyl compounds, halogenated compounds, alkynes, azides and many others. Our catalog consists of more than 180,000 chemical compounds with delivery time ranging from 1- 4 weeks for smaller scale.


JK Pharmatech has been committed to grow into much more just a ‘Chemical Provider’. We are passionate to achieve the best service and product provider to sustain your discovery researches. We are passionate scientists and innovators who believe in people as much as science. We are dedicated to being the best at what we do, and to do what we do in the best possible way.


Our key focus is on word “Accelerate”. The current Scientific community needs to adapt fast changing world and come up with resolution in no time. We would like to accelerate your research process by being reliable and on time. As the world faces these many challenges, JK Pharmatech is ideally positioned to be part of the solution.


JK Pharmatech imagines a healthier and happier world living rewarding lives in safe and clean environment. We seek to honor the future and strive to improve the world for our children and their children. We believe and support green chemistry to achieve a clean environment along with Providing any assistance that will aid drug discovery process.

Academia support is also our key business core. We are happy to announce that we provide great discounts on our products to sustain academic research and groom next generation scientists.