Custom Synthesis

Our highly skilled chemists can carry out synthesis of various complex intermediates, scaffold, reference compounds and a wide range of building blocks. Our teams can synthesize any challenging target on a scale of 250 mg to 100 kg for a reasonable price with timely delivery.

Our Synthetic Chemistry Services

  • Multistep organic synthesis
  • Asymmetric synthesis using catalysis, chiral auxiliary, and resolution techniques
  • Intermediates for expediting medicinal chemistry SAR campaigns
  • Synthesis of Heterocyclic & organoelemental compounds
  • Leads generation for specific targets
  • Synthetic methodology study for specific Medichem
  • Focused library design for certain targets and synthesis

Our Most Frequent Custom Synthesis Requests

How to proceed with Custom Synthesis Request

You are welcome to give us any range of difficult challenges. Our research team has access to state-of-the-art research, analytical equipment and cheminformatics tools. Our effective communications, highly experienced management team can provide quotation for the demanded compound within 24 hours. Each project is treated under the confidentiality agreement.